From Abeyance

Abby (Altruistic Bio Bot Yagi) is a bio-technological improvement software developed by the Recovery Syndicate.


The development of Abby started roughly 10 years after the first Knack-Jacks was introduced on the marker. Owners, especially farmers, complained over the Knack-Jacks wills an personality making them hard to manage. As a respond to the increasing complaints the Recovery Syndicate started the development of the Abby software. The development of the Abby software was conducted for 8 years in mainly three different locations namely Stockholm, Tallinn and New York. The first version of Abby had a bug that made it explode in temperatures over 33 degrees Celsius, which lead to some major backlashes from costumers. However the bug was fixed and Abby is today considered the leading bio-technological improvement software on the market.


Depending on how Abby has been programmed Abby can have different functions. For example, on some host-bodies Abby is programmed to only interact with the brain, in others however Abby can be connected to the central nervous system and therefor have greater influence over the host-bodies limbs and bodily functions. Generally the first type of programming is called Psycho-Abby and the latter Bio-Abby. However, these terms are imprecise since Psycho-Abby can be repurposed into a Bio-Abby when needs be. Therefor in practicality there is only one type of Abby.


There are however variations of Abby depending on the host-body's personal preferences. Voice, dialect, gender, personality, humor and language is all altered to fit the host-body's psyche and improve its overall performance.


Abbys are today used for great verities and purposes. Bio-Abby is often used in Knack-Jacks to both improve performance and reduce absconding. Psycho-Abby is often used in scavengers for both informative purposes but also social purposes since travelling great distances in solitude can impair the host-body's psychological status as well as moral.