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Abeyance is a roguelite, sci-fi, dungeon-crawler developed by Bumblebee Studios Salvage wrecked starships in a gritty, post-apocalyptic world. Fight mutants and mechanized defense systems. Battle your inner demons to save your soul… and reclaim your humanity.


Available on Steam from September 2022 Wishlist Abeyance on Steam

In a scorched world devastated by a decades-long interstellar war, you, Ezra, have been recruited by the all-powerful Recovery Syndicate to salvage items from abandoned spaceships and military bases. With no memories, and cerebral implants threatening your autonomy, you go on missions, battle mutants and defense systems, and bring loot back to the Recovery Syndicate.

That is, until you uncover clues about your past. Once the truth is revealed, you can’t go back. It's war against a powerful evil and your inner demons. Fight to regain your humanity or die trying.

This dark and dystopian, procedurally generated, dungeon crawler adventure game will immerse you in a hypnotic world as you fight for your freedom:

  • Single-player roguelite gameplay
  • Frantic real-time dungeon exploration
  • Story-driven character development
  • Fast-paced tactical fighting
  • Randomly generated levels for endless fun
  • Play with a controller or with mouse and keyboard
  • Original soundtrack featuring indie artists