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Amber (Attack Maintenance Backup Engineering and Rescue) is a weaponised tactical support drone more widely known as a bot.

Amber in action, Ladybug design


After the success with the Rocky unit, the Recovery Syndicate realised that there was a demand for more offensive bots on the market. As such, the company started the development of the Amber unit. Not only was the Amber meant to be used in battle, but it was also supposed to be a sort of radio link between the user and its commanders. This aspect of the Rocky made it not only popular among military users but also scouts, sailors and miners.


The Amber has a variety of different personalities that can all be adjusted to match the user's psychological profile. The Amber generally has a setting of 30% free will in order to create a more authentic sensation of personality. This is because it dramatically improves the users' morale since it decreases the feeling of loneliness. It also gives the Amber more tactical room to manoeuvre, which can heavily increase the user's chances of survival and reduce costs.


Early versions of the Amber were generally plain in their design. However, since its increasing popularity, more versions of the Amber have reached the market, of which the most famous are The Ladybug, Rocket Queen, Papa Het and Crazy Diamond.