Aurora Volpe

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Aurora Volpe, born Aurora, is an Italian scout working for the Recovery Syndicate.

Aurora Volpe


Aurora Volpe was born in Rome in the year 3021. Aurora became an orphan after losing their parents in the Global War. It's unclear when or how Volpe got involved with the Recovery Syndicate, but it is clear that Volpe made a brief career within the company. And when the sister company Recovery Syndicate Field Operations was formed, Volpe was promoted to Chief of Scouting and became board chairman. In time, Volpe became rich and a powerful player within the Recovery Syndicate Field Operations, and therefore decided to take on a last name to indicate their new higher status. Aurora chose the name Volpe; why is, however unclear.


Volpes position within the company as Chief of Scouting includes finding new recruits for scavenging, host bodies, and new academic research.


Volpe's name was found on one of the Data Disks that were recovered after the Madrid Incident. It is unclear whether this was coincidental or Volpe somehow was involved with the murder.

Private life

Volpe lives on the outskirts of Paris and is married to Henrik Buffon, and together they have two children.