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Bot is a slang term, used to describe artificial intelligent.


The first historical recording of non-intelligent bots can traced back to prints made by Leonardo da Vinci in the 1400's. However, the first bots with intelligent capacities can be traced back to the 2000th centaury. Due to the controversy surrounding AI there were several political attempts to stop its development, however the attempts were found fruitless due to bots military capabilities.


Bots have mainly two purposes, military and assistance. The first type mainly focusing on bots capabilities as combatants replacing human combatants, and the latter focusing on non-violent assistance such house keeping and tech-support.


Since bots can't experience physical pain many claim that there is no need for any ethical guidelines surrounding the use of AI apart from their impact on biological life. However, AI activists are fighting for extensive rights due to bots own understanding of suffering. Activists claim that bots with programmed empathic capabilities shouldn't even have to visually experience any sort of violence. Naturally activists have protested the military use of bots. The campaign "Don't program psychopaths" got world wide attention since the campaign demanded ethical answers as to why AI was being programmed with non-empathic capabilities.

Famous bots

  • The Titan 22-22 is a military bot used to close combats such as trenches.
  • The Bullet Bot is a military bot used for defensive purposes and is usually considered to have tank-like qualities.
  • The Nurse and Rescue bot is a health bot often used by rescue services.
  • L&O bots main function is, as the name suggests, to uphold law and order.
  • The HAL 9000 was an early form of bots developed to control early space travel.
  • OP3-C is a service bot used to serve humans in a variety of ways.