Colin O'Brien

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Colin O'Brien is the leader of a terrorist group called the Freebooters.

Colin O'Brien


Colin O'Brien was born in an unknown place in the United Kingdom (Earth). O'Brien grew up in an aristocratic environment that they resented from an early age, but it was due to this environment that O'Brian learned how to hunt early on in their life. Because of this the WTMA took an interest in O'Brien and recruited them as a sharpshooter. O'Brien was stationed at the eastern front and reportedly fought several battles, growing in rank to corporal. When WTMA decided to focus on the Grand Colombian front, O'Brien remained stationed on the eastern front, where they remained until the nuclear phase of the war. After the atomic stage, O'Brien travelled westwards and survived as a hunter and scavenger. There are records of O'Brien traveling to Berlin, Vienna and Zurich before reaching Paris, but only a few things are known about O'Brien's travels. In Paris, however O'Brien met with Aurora Volpe. Volpe recruited the former soldier to the Recovery Syndicate, where O'Brien became a professional scavenger. However, O'Brien's carrier was short-lived, and it didn't take long before they left and decided to form the terrorist organisation, Freebooters.


Until this day, O'Brien is accused of organising and partaking in at least seven attacks killing dozens of people. All of these attacks have been directed against the Recovery Syndicate. This led many to believe that O'Brien was a mole who infiltrated the Recovery Syndicate to steal their technology.