From Abeyance

Written, designed, directed and developed by Simone Odoardi @ Bumblebee Studios.

Additional writing & wiki curation by Vera-Linn Lanängen.

Abeyance cover illustration by Nosa Pramana.

Sound design and engineering by Simone Odoardi.

3D modeling, texturing and animation by Simone Odoardi.
Additional 3D models by Gerardo Justel, Georg Slavka, Fletcher Kinnear, Allex Spark, Daniil "BlueOxel" Voronin & Edited by Simone Odoardi.

Original score by Simone Odoardi.

Ezra - Vera-Linn Lanängen
Abby - Jade Asha
Rocky - Mike Ciporkin
The Eye - Rich Daigle
Colin - Mike Ciporkin
Amber - Sammi Price
Mutant - Mike Ciporkin
RS Guard - Simone Odoardi

Abeyance Theme written by Simone Odoardi. Performed by Simone Odoardi
The Joy of Tears & What's behind the Door? written by Vera-Linn Lanängen. Arranged & performed by Vera-Linn Lanängen & Simone Odoardi
Abeyance (Tick, Tock) written by Vera-Linn Lanängen & Simone Odoardi. Performed by Radio May Wave.
Agitator, Android's Birthday & Machine With A Crush written and performed by Fredrik Sigeman.
Breathe written by Simone Odoardi & Fredrik Sigeman. Performed by Space Bunnies.

Marketing by Simone Odoardi & Vera-Linn Lanängen.

Teeshirt font by Ray Larabie.
Hyperspace Race font by Swell Type.
Skulls And Crossbones font by Joanna Vu.

Developed with the Unity game engine.
Audio engine provided by FMOD.

All the content has been licensed to BBS Games AB.
All the other assets are original content created by and property of Simone Odoardi and BBS Games AB.

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