Cultural Recovery Archives

From Abeyance

Cultural Recovery Archives (CRA), also known as the Recovery Archives, is a branch office for the Recovery Syndicate. The Recovery Archives mainly focuses on recovering findings av cultural value. The main office is situated in Madrid.

Cultural Recovery Archives headquarter in Madrid.


The Recovery Archives was believed to be somewhat involved in the Madrid Incident due to the finding of Data Disk 5777 and Data Disk 7801 as well as the murder taking place in Madrid. It is unclear, however, if the Data Disk was stolen from the Recovery Archives or was supposed to be delivered to the organisation. Because of this link, the Recovery Archives has been accused of being responsible for the murder. However, others speculate that since Data Disk 5777 and 7801 were not the more controversial findings on the scene, the only real indication that the Recovery Archives were involved is the geographical connection. Therefore these theorists believe that it is more likely that some other actor within the Recovery Syndicate is to blame.