Data Disk 117739

From Abeyance

Data Disk 1 is an information hardware used by the Recovery Syndicate.

Disk Content

On the disk following message can be read.

"Dear costumer,

The product you have ordered was lost at sea due to a storm. 68 good Knack-Jacks at a value of at least 22 000 000:- were lost in this tragic event and your two pre-ordered products were among those 68. We apologies for any inconvenience this may have cost you. The Recovery Syndicate will of course reimburse you or alternatively offer you two new ones free of charge. If you want two new ones, please log on to our homepage and chose one to your liking and we will have it sent to you by special delivery within a few weeks. When paying, use the code: abettertomorrow1984 instead of inserting your payment.

Please let us know how you wish to proceed. We thank you for your patience and for choosing the Recovery Syndicate"