Data Disk 21

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Data Disk 2 is an information hardware used by the Recovery Syndicate. It was found on the body of a murdered person in Madrid 3060, more commonly known as the Madrid Incident.

Disk Content

On the disk the following message can be read:

"Dear Hector,

The Recovery Syndicate wishes to thank you for your generous donation! Your contribution will help us rebuild a better tomorrow for all mankind. Your money will specifically be used to

- Improving the Knack-Jack 77 with a new pain reduction software that will enable it to work in environments up to almost 75 degrees Celsius.

- Leading new expeditions to find new host bodies for our technological improvements.

- Starting research on a Bio-Waste program that will recycle old or malfunctioning Knack-Jacks to increase resource effectiveness, so that nothing goes to waste and everything is reused to build a better tomorrow for all mankind!

Thank you again for choosing to give your donation to the Recovery Syndicate!"