Data Disk 336699

From Abeyance

Data Disk 3 is an information hardware used by the Recovery Syndicate.

Disk Content

On the disk following message can be read.

"Status Report 22.

The collection of new host-bodies has been very successful thus far. The expedition has covered a great geographic area and we have encountered several minor settlements from which we have collected a great many hosts. Unfortunately some of my staff has been hurt and some of my military bots have been destroyed. However the costs because of this will in no way be greater than the profit. We believe to finish the campaign on schedule, in fact we might even finish a little before that. The host-bodies are now stored at collection camp AUZ-44 if you would like to inspect them beforehand. Some of them still have aggressive behavior but our motivation personal is doing a fine job. Expect only the best.

- Leon Vasquez