Data Disk 432347

From Abeyance

Data Disk 432347 is an information hardware used by the Recovery Syndicate. It was found on the body of a murdered person in Madrid 3060, more commonly known as the Madrid Incident.

Disk Content

On the disk following message can be read.

"A researcher, by the name of Kim Zhang from the university of Arizona, has done some extensive research on "the eye" from a bio-psychological perspective and has developed a theory that it origins from non-psychological factors. You must go to Arizona, meet up with with Zhang and buy the research so we can decide whether or not to classify it. Make them an offer they can not refuse and make sure that they sign a non-disclosure agreement. If Zhang has any doubts, tell them that we will make all we can to put the research to good use. If they desire to work for us, put them in touch with me and I'll take it from there.

- Aurora Volpe"