Data Disk 666999

From Abeyance

Data 666999 is an information hardware used by the Recovery Syndicate.

Disk Content

Hi Aurora,

Sorry for a late reply. I have been on vacation to Palermo so I haven't been able to reply in a while. However, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Sure, the host bodies will experience symptoms. I have one right now that reportedly has seen it many times. But it's nothing to worry about. You see, first they doubt their own experiences. This is a fairly common psychological behavior. And then when they finally accept that something is wrong with them they will seek consultation, most likely Abby, and Abby is programmed to not encourage any of these worries. If they still chose to do something about it, they will seek health care and for obvious reasons most likely our own health care within the company. Our doctors will say (which anyone would because it's is true) that they can't treat it and perhaps offer them some medication for the hallucinations or their anxiety. At this stage, most likely enough time has passed for the problem to not really be a problem anymore, sort of speak. Just be polite, reassure them that everything will be fine, and everything will be over in a tic. The trick is to just tell them what they want to hear and their own psychological defense mechanisms (mainly denial) will do the rest. So don't worry too much about it. You'll get used to it.


Lucy Lui