Data Disk 7801

From Abeyance

Data Disk 7801 is an information hardware used by the Recovery Syndicate. It was found on the body of a murdered person in Madrid 3060, more commonly known as the Madrid Incident.

Disk Content

Title: Scraps and pieces

Hi Loredana,

We have found bits and pieces of some really old ancient texts that we thought might interest you. One that concerns a man in a cave. If we understand it correctly, it tells tell tale of a person born in a cave only seeing shadows on the wall, believing that themself is a shadow. It doesn't make any sense to me, but eventually the person realizes this and leaves the cave. As I understand it, this is some sort of metaphor? Have you heard of it? Another one surrounds some god called Osiris who was killed by Seth but then resurrected but then died again. We also found a text that (again) isn't complete: "Messenger of ... Dark deception ... Hybrid children... fallen city ... roaming free ... Drain your sanity ... thing that should not be ... Twisted Sound ... Cult summoned" I don't know what to make of it or how valuable it is to us, but speaking of cults: We have also found a cryptic old myth, allegedly Greek, that surrounds another cult that asks some heroes to take them across the sea, and a greedy pirate captain approves without any prudence. Also onboard is a dragon, a cat and a strange bard. The cult starts shouting "Lads", which we assume is the name of their God. It's rather unclear honestly what any of this means. However, we will send it to you for further evaluation.

Hope you'll enjoy it which I'm sure you will.

- Stephen