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Eden is a genetic improvement company headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel.


Eden was founded by Mikki P. Blazary, also known as "The Leaper", with a vision to improve a better tomorrow for humanity by improving humanity itself. The company initially focused on mental health, treating PTSD and other war-related issues. However, in time the company became more and more invested in genetics. Their genetic research was essential for the development of the Knack-Jack. After releasing the Knack-Jack on the market, Eden became a major global player and started investing in more research surrounding the human body.

Neurological Surveillance

One of Edens's more famous programs is the Neurological Surveillance Program. The program aims to create tools for the police force to reinstall law and order. One of the program's famous slogans is "Matter over Mind". By changing the genetic code and inserting biological improvements into the body, Edens's software can register the subject's mental processes. The software can not register what the subject is actually thinking, but it can register the bodily reactions throughout the nervous system that the thought generates. And with that information, it can predict how the subject will act. Therefore the police can prevent the crime before it happens. The program has been tested and used in several countries and cities worldwide such as Moscow, Denver, Calgary, Hong Kong and Helsinki.

The Dolly Program

Another program still somewhat in development is the Dolly program, which is Eden's cloning program. The idea is to create and improve the workforce with clones. However, although the prototypes have shown great potential, it is too early to sell the clones on the market due to genetic instability. It is also the question of growth rate. Due to the clone's slow growth speed, the first workforce, if created today, would only be able to be on the market in 8-10 years.


Eden has met a lot of criticism due to their creation of the Knack-Jack. The reason for this is their impaired senses that reduce the sensation of pain, which makes them perfect workers for uninhabitable places. Blazary has, because of this, repeatedly been called a tyrant, to which he famously replied, "What with the Knack-Jack is to be called tyranny? They don't feel no pain! I wish I was a Knack-Jack!". Also, the Neurological Surveillance program has met criticism due to the ethical question of legality. Activists claim that a person can not be sentenced for a crime they haven't committed. Eden have met this criticism by simply referring to the law of each state. "It is a political issue, not an industrial one," a spokesperson for Eden said during a press conference.


Eden has been accused of genetic experimentation resulting in what has been known as mutants. No proof to support this claim has yet not been presented, and Eden declines these accusations as urban legends.