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Ezra in action

Ezra is a scavenger working for the Recovery Syndicate.


Ezra was born in the small city of Töreboda (Sweden, Earth) in 3033. Ezra was the only child of their mother Sisu and father Urhea. When Ezra was eight years old, their father was recruited to join the WTMA-army in the Global War and was expected to have been killed during the Battle of Santa Marta (Colombia, Earth) around the year of 3045. The loss of Tampara was great for the family. It resulted in great difficulties for Sisu in taking care of her child, resulting in her being over-protective of Ezra. She planted a chip in Ezra's brain so she could always get in touch and know where they were, making Ezra feel controlled and supervised.

In their teenage years, Ezra realised that they were non-binary. Which at this point wasn’t a big deal since being non-binary rather had become the norm in most places of the earth. However, Ezra also realised that they, in contrast to their friends, hadn’t developed sexuality and started to define themselves as asexual. The teenage years were particularly hard for Ezra since, because of the loss of their father, they had become depressed, which made it harder for Ezra to concentrate in school. Ezra, who originally had a plan of moving to New Washington (USA, Mars) to work on NASA:s main base, started to realise that the dream seemed further and further away. And when Ezra finished high school, they didn’t have the grades to get into college. So instead, Ezra moved to Hammerfest (Norway, Earth) to become a fisherman, much to their mother's disappointment.

During the nuke phase outbreak in 3055 of the Global War, Ezra managed to get to Svalbard (Norway, Earth), which was relatively well protected because of its geographical location. During this period of Ezra’s life, Ezra lived with other fishermen and researchers at a research base. It was during this period that Ezra first got to experience their dark side. Because of the island's isolation and lack of food and resources didn’t take long before the inhabitants became violent. And since Ezra was young and strong, they managed to survive and even become one of the leaders. To make matters worse, Ezra’s mother stopped contacting them during this phase, which made Ezra realise that their mother now also was dead. Ezra very seldom came to talk about this period of their life after leaving Svalbard due to the horrors they experienced during this time.

When the Global War was finally over, the survivors decided to leave the remote island and take the boat to London (England, Earth). London was in complete ruin like most of the world's great cities. Ezra decided to leave the group they had travelled with and set out on their own, scavenging for anything that could help them keep themselves alive. Ezra, who wanted to put all the darkness from Svalbard behind them and now dreamt of living a quiet, serene life, came to realise that such a dream at this point was far-fetched. Instead, Ezra had to survive against hunger, cold and dehydration but also against scavengers, robots and even mutants. As such, Ezra came to not only normalise violence but had to master it. Ezra developed an alternative, adventurous persona that liked the action to shield the yet still sensitive side of Ezra, who didn’t want to experience any of it. As time went on, the persona became more and more the dominant part of Ezra and made them survive better and better.

In an unknown year, Ezra had gotten to the former outskirts of the city of Paris (France, Earth), where they were scavenging in a former industrial complex. Ezra encountered a group of engineers in the complex who had opened fire on Ezra. Neither Ezra nor the engineers knew that a third party was in the room. Ezra fairly easily eradicated the engineers and collected the salvage, though, to Ezra’s surprise, another person approached while Ezra was scavenging. And before Ezra had any time to shoot, the person identified themselves for Ezra. The person’s name was Aurora Volpe. The Recovery Syndicate Field Operations had sent Aurora to scout for potential scavengers that could work for the company. Aurora was impressed by Ezra and asked them to take on the job. Ezra was initially reluctant but came to be persuaded by the benefits, such as having a roof over their head. Ezra saw this as an opportunity or the first step to getting rid of their persona and maybe one day living a more peaceful life.

During the first period at the Recovery Syndicate, Ezra went through extensive training, mainly battle and weapons training, but also training in orientation and scavenging. Ezra was doubtful about the syndicate's intentions but didn’t pay their doubts no mind since Ezra just was happy that they had more security than they’d had in a long time. Although glad to see other people, Ezra kept to themselves. The many years on their own had left Ezra withdrawn and distrustful towards other humans. Therefore Ezra was glad when they learned to know that their companions would be Abby and Rocky, both A.I. with great personalities.