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Freebooters banner
The Freebooters banner

Freebooters is the name of a mutant terrorist organisation.


"We can't change the past, but we can change the future". It is disputed who exactly coined the slogan, but it has grown in popularity outside of the Freebooters among self-help groups, although few know its origins. The most common theory on its origins is that it was first used in a mass mail sent to a large number of mutants. It is believed that the "future" is a utopic anarchistic world, but what exactly is meant by the "past" is unclear and disputed.


The Freebooters were founded by Colin O'Brien with the purpose of attacking big corporations and using the resources to build an anarchistic society. Apart from this, very little is known about the Freebooters.


A high percentage of the Freebooters members seem to have mutant syndrome. Exactly why this is, is unknown. However, since mutants have more aggressive behaviour, they are more drawn to these types of organisations.

Attacks on the Recovery Syndicate

Several attacks have been reported against the Recovery Syndicate. Why the Freebooters are focusing on the Recovery Syndicate has been under some debate. It could be that they are after technology essential for their anarchistic society.