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Hybrid is an umbrella term for genetically created interspecies beings.


Interspecies beings have been a reoccurring theme in folklore since the dawn of man. Two early examples of this is the minotaur and the centaur. In early religions, the practitioner could try to reinforce the traits of a certain animal in themselves. Common animals for these rituals were for example bears, jaguars and snakes. Humans have also experimented with cross-breeding animals throughout history, which is considered a form of hybrid. An example is the crossbreeding between lions and tigers, resulting in the liger, but this kind of crossbreeding has always resulted in infertility.

Some theorize that the increasing sighting of hybrids could be misclassifications of mutants.


A common belief is that companies like Eden have been experimenting with hybrids due to military purposes. There is, however no proof to these claims. Although there has been an increased number of reported sightings, there has not yet been any documented proof presented, which leaves the sceptics questioning the legitimacy of these claims and dismissing it as an urban legend or as misclassifications of mutants.