From Abeyance

Knack-Jack is common phrase describing a technologically improved human worker.


Knack-Jacks can be improved to serve many different functions and purposes. For example some can be improved to include an under water breathing system that makes them ideal for working under water for extensive periods of time. Others can be improved with a pain reduction software which makes them perfect for working in extremely hostile environments like volcanos. And there are even versions of Knack-Jacks that have tools replacing limbs. Most of them have some sort of chip implant to make them more manageable for the owners.


Knack-Jacks are commonly used in construction like bridge building and housing. However, over the years farmers has started to see the advantages of Knack-Jacks and has become a larger and larger consumption group. Leaked information suggest that there might even be Knack-Jacks in development for military purposes by CLA, however this has not yet been confirmed.


Globally there are a variety of different companies and organization distributing Knack-Jacks to the expanding market, often specializing on different types. The Recovery Syndicate, A New Tomorrow and Eden is generally regarded as the global leaders on the market.