Madrid Incident

From Abeyance

The Madrid Incident is an unsolved murder that took place in Madrid on September the 3d 3060.


On the morning of September the 3d a cleaner found a dead body in a hotel in central Madrid. The dead person was unidentifiable and there was no record of the person ever checking in at the hotel. There was also no proof of who actually booked the room since the persons ID was false. Curiously enough the police did after some thoroughly investigation find some data disks that were well hidden in the room. The data disks that were found was Data Disk 21, Data Disk 432347, Data Disk 5777 and Data Disk 7801. The Data disks clearly had a connection to the Recovery Syndicate, which has lead many to believe that the Recovery Syndicate is responsible for the persons death. However, there are other theories that suggest that there might be rivaling companies that tried to steal the information from the Recovery Syndicate such as Eden or A New Tomorrow.


After Data Disk 432347 was found and revealed to the public the Recovery Syndicate received intense criticism and was accused of trying to cover up information about The Eye phenomenon. The Recovery Syndicate responded that there was no proof that the disk actually was theirs and claimed it to be fabricated. Zhang claims that they've never been contacted by the Recovery Syndicate which by some is explained by the mentioned non-disclosure agreement.