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Mutant is slang for a person with Mutation-syndrome.

A person with Mutation-syndrome and the characteristic hardened skin.


Mutation-syndrome is a physical as well as psychological syndrome that creates a state of disarray in the patient. The cause of Mutation-syndrome is yet unknown but it is widely believed that it is caused by exposure of radiation.

Signs and symptoms

  • Hardened skin
  • Loss of or decreased communicative skills
  • Aggressive outbreaks
  • Nose bleeds
  • Defected skeleton
  • Impaired digestion


Common for people with Mutation-syndrome is violent outbreaks. In the early phase of the syndrome these may occur less often, but in time the outbreaks become more and more frequent. This has caused problems in society and has resulted in people with Mutation-syndrome to become stigmatized.


As of yet there is no treatment for Mutation-syndrome. In a majority of countries people with Mutation-syndrome are killed due to their violent nature. However in some countries patients are instead locked up in special prisonlike complexes commonly known as Mutant Facilities.


There are conspiracies that suggest that Mutant Facilities in fact are military facilities that try to use patients with Mutant-syndrome for military purposes. Though there has been no proof presented to support this theory.