New Jerusalem

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New Jerusalem is an Israeli colony settled on Proxima Centauri B.
Photo of central New Jerusalem.


The colony was founded in the early 2700's and the main purpose of the colony was initially to perform research mainly in the fields of biology and geology. However, in time the colony grew into a Mecca for scholars of all kind due to the perfect conditions for experimental research. Naturally the first colonizers were mainly academicians but today a variety of people migrate to New Jerusalem.


New Jerusalem is an autonomous region of Israel and is a technocratic colony. The Council of Scholars is elected through public elections by citizens with a masters' degree in any field. The Council of Scholars in turn decide through voting which scholars to become ministers as well as mayor. The system has been criticized due to the elitist societal structures, but the system has also gained praise due to the well functioned colony.


The University of New Jerusalem is a major tourist attraction due to its historical value but also due to its architectural style. The university is widely seen among architects as a prime example of spaceistic architecture. Other sights is Mount Getsemane with it's beautiful shrine on the peek, the main street Dolorosa which is famous for its shopping and of course Golgata square with its grand parliamentary buildings, the Great Library and the Great Synagogue.


Due to the rich wildlife New Jerusalem has a high military presence. Surrounding the city is a 15 meter high electrical fence armed with turrets to keep the wildlife out. Also New Jerusalems Wildlife Guard is always on high alert and conduct expeditions to reduce the population of animals such as veptors, skimmers, bowers and the water living skippies.


Since New Jerusalem is a technocratic colony the citizen of New Jerusalem celebrate scholarly achievements. This in turn creates a sort of cast system in which people without academic merits is regarded as secondary citizens.