Recovery Syndicate

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Recovery Syndicate
Recovery Syndicate

The Recovery Syndicate, often shortened as RS, is a tech-improvement company headquartered in Paris, France.


The Recovery Syndicate was founded as a peace project by Shiloh Bonnet. Their idea with the company was to reuse old salvage in order to rebuild society. The company's first slogan, often uttered by Bonnet, was "Yesterday for tomorrow", however, this was changed over time. Initially, the company focused on the housing market since the shortage of houses was emergent. In time though, the Recovery Syndicate focused not only on the houses themselves but on the technology building them. Hence the creation of the Knack-Jack. The Recovery Syndicate realised the potential of body improvements and started to scale up their production. The company was so successful that other companies, such as Eden and A New Tomorrow, began to copy the concept.

After the development of the Knack-Jack, the Recovery Syndicate turned to other body-improving technologies, such as software programs and the hardware needed to integrate them. In time this part of the company grew exponentially bigger, and by the time of Bonnet's death, it had grown into the most significant income of the company. Jules Bonnet, Shiloh's only child who took over the company, decided to descale the work on Knack-Jacks to instead focus on the mind-altering software programs to battle PTSD and other mental illnesses that had become increasingly common after the Global War. The most famous of these softwares is the Mind Altering Software Application (or MASA for short). In time this developed into similar software programs used for other purposes, such as the perhaps most famous Altruistic Bio Bot Yagi (or ABBY for short), which primary function is for military purposes.

Military technology

The Recovery Syndicates military technology could be divided into two sections, the Mind Altering military technology and the

A white armor vest developed by the Recovery Syndicate.

Applicated military technology. The Mind-Altering technology's primary function is to help the host body's nervous system endure pain but also to help with rational decision-making. An example is the already mentioned ABBY. The Applicated technology has several branches, which mainly include Attack bots, Transport bots, Service bots and military equipment such as guns and armour. An example of an Attack bot is the Reinforcement Occupation Kinetic Yagi (or ROCKY), which main purpose is to support military operations. An example of a Transport bot is the self-driving AR-400 (more widely known as the Attack Raven), a small self-aware software technology integrated into an air vehicle that can make major decision-making on the safest routes due to its self-persevering mindset. And as an example of Service bots is the already mentioned Knack-Jack.


One of the Recovery Syndicates guards training hand-to-hand combat.

The Recovery Syndicate is the umbrella company that connects several smaller specialised companies. The most famous of these are RS-Transportation, RS-Construct, Recovery Syndicate Field Operations, The Recovery Syndicate Bio Labs, Cultural Recovery Archives, RS-Applications, Radio R.S., The Recovery Syndicate Center for Psychological Research and Integration and R.S. Software. Each company's director generals are on the Recovery Syndicate board. The Recovery Syndicate personnel usually undergo heavy combat training given by the Field Operations team, which is quite extensive. Therefore the Recovery Syndicate has one of the most well-trained private militias in the world.

Cooperation with universities

The Recovery Syndicate is famous for working and funding research in several different universities such as Karolinska Institutet, California Institute of Technology, Université Paris Cité, The University of Tokyo, the UAN-university of Bogotá and Uppsala University. In return for their funding, the Recovery Syndicate gets pre-viewing rights of all research and, therefore, a chance to buy it in advance. In recent years the Recovery Syndicate has started negotiations with the University of Arizona since the university has made significant progress in its research programs.


The early versions of the ABBY had a bug that made the hardware explode, killing the host body. This turned out to be a major controversy and almost destroyed the company altogether. However, the Recovery Syndicate took the problem seriously and compensated all owners affected by the bug. And in time, the company restored its reputation as one of the leading tech-improvement companies in the world.


The Recovery Syndicate has by some been seen as responsible for the Madrid incident. However, proof has yet to be presented to support these claims.