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Rocky (Reinforcement Occupation Kinetic Yagi) is a weaponized tactical support drone more widely known as a bot.

Commercial photo of the first generation of Rocky.


The Rocky was created by the Recovery Syndicate with the main purpose of protecting their staff, mainly scavengers, when working in the field. This because of the increasing costs of hiring new personal. As such the board of directors decided that it was time for the company to develop a defense robot to decrease the costs. And as a result, the Rocky was created. Due to its main purpose of protecting the company's staff, the Rocky is more defense focused than for example the Amber that is more offensive.


Due to its much older software the Rocky is more limited when it comes to social functions by comparison with for example the Amber unit. But just as the Amber unit the Rocky has a 30% free will setting to both increase the users moral as well as maneuver tactically in battle.