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Urhea is the father of Ezra.


Urhea was born in Espoo (Finland, Earth) and moved to Sweden in his early twenties, searching for work. Thanks to good networking, he managed to get a job in a flower shop which gave him a good salary due to the ever more rarity of flowers. When Urhea was around 25, he met his soon-to-be wife, Sisu, at a social event. One year later, they were married, and two years later, Ezra was born In 3041, Urhea was recruited to the WTMA-army to go to Grand Colombia. Urhea, who had been a pacifist his whole life, had to undergo military training before departing to Santa Marta, where he died during the landing on the beach. Not much is known of his death, except that he probably was one of the many soldiers who fell directly at landfall while storming the beach. His body was never found, which may indicate that he died of some sort of explosion.