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WTMA is short for Western Tactical Military Alliance and was a military alliance between several western European states.


The alliance was formed in the year of 3014 to counter the CLA:s increasing military dominance. The first founding countries was England, Scotland, France, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Belgium. However in 3015 several other states decided to join such as Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Greece. During the alliance first years they tried to both increase each member state's military funding as well as recruit more allies. However, due to both lack of trust and other already more well established alliances, it was hard for the WTMA to recruit new members outside of the former E.U. states. An exception to this was Morocco that decided to join in the year of 3019.

Up until the outbreak of the Global War WTMA kept increasing its military funding's and grew to become a major military player on the global arena. In the year 3039 WTMA decided to enter the Global War on the side of its allies NAA. The battles became intense on WTMA:s eastern border and countries such as Germany, Sweden and especially Finland became central battlefields. The first part of the war was not considered a triumph for the WTMA, on the contrary WTMA lost major territory in Finland and Germany as well as the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. However, around year 3043 the luck turned for the alliance and they managed to push back and retake their lost territory and even advance to CLA:s western capital of St Petersburg. The siege of St Petersburg was a long and bloody and ended with a more or less total inhalation of the city.

By the year of 3044 the CLA:s western front had been pushed back so significantly that the WTMA could spare military resources to its NAA allies who were suffering heavy casualties in the war against Grand Colombia. In an effort to retake the NAA:s lost territory WTMA and NAA joined forces and made landfall at the city of Santa Marta in the year of 3045. After a bloody battle at the Caribbean shore the two alliances managed to establish control over the territory. After the victory at the Battle of Santa Marta followed a several year long campaign towards the capital of Bogotá. By the year of 3048 the two tired armies reached the outskirts of of the capital which resulted in a truce in the year of 3049. The WTMA decided to leave the front and leave the control of the captured territory to NAA.

After what was considered a victory against Grand Colombia by the WTMA they decided to become more aggressive on their eastern front that had more or less been a constant stale mate since the victory at St Petersburg. They decided to advance towards the city of Moscow. Unfortunately before they even had a chance to start the campaign they had to direct their attention towards Africa. The African Union that had stayed neutral in the war had grown more opportunistic and laid eyes upon Morocco as well Egypt that was a part of the CAMA and had a depleted army due to the long war with the eastern army of CLA. In the year of 3050 therefore WTMA and CAMA agreed on a mutual aggression pact against the African Union in hope that it would prevent further conflict. However, in the year of 3051 the African Union decided to enter the war and managed to capture both Egypt and Morocco in a matter of months. The WTMA army had to flee to Spain where they started preparations for further African advances.

During the nuclear phase of the war the WTMA decided to move its capital from Brussels in 3052 to three secret locations. Glasgow was decided to become the administrative capital of the alliance, Amsterdam was decided to become the military capital of the alliance and the city of Turin was decided to become the diplomatic capital of the alliance. However the capitals was on constant high alert to move if threaten by nuclear weapons. All the diplomatic meetings with allies in Turin was top secret and any meetings with enemy diplomats took place at other locations. However due to the intensity of the nuclear phase of the war the WTMA as well as the other alliances didn't stand, and by the year of 3055 the alliance was considered non-existence.


Compared to many other military alliances the WTMA had a strict democratic structure. The alliance consisted of a senate with only 13 elected senators that made most of the major decisions of the alliance. The leader of the senate was the General Secretary who led the work of the senate. There was also a parliament with ministers from each member state. The members of parliament had in reality little power since their only course of action was to veto a decision made by the senate. However, in order to veto a decision by the senate the parliament needed over an over 50% majority which seldom was achieved due to intense lobbying efforts.


The emblem of the WTMA was a shield with the letters WTMA at the top. In the middle of the shield there was a bear surrounded by two stars. The bear represented the power of the alliance and the stars was a symbol of the former European Union. Under the bear there was the latin phrase "Vene, Vidi, Vici", 'I came I saw I concurred' uttered by the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. The text and symbols were golden against a deep blue background.