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Zuzane "Zuzu" Fedorov is a fundamentalistic terrorist mainly associated with the Freebooters


Zuzu was born outside St Petersburg (Earth) to a native mother and a Cameroonian father but moved to Prague (Earth) at an early age. Little is known about her upbringing, except that her father was a lawyer and her mother was an architect. Her parents were outspoken atheists, so why she became a religious fundamentalist has bewildered many. Zuzu left Prague at 17 and moved to Grenoble, where she was recruited to the Recovery Syndicate. Zuzu left the company after a short amount of time and joined the Freebooters soon after.

Role in the Freebooters

According to some sources, Zuzu is the Freebooter's self-entitled spiritual leader and is also in charge of recruitment and communication.


Zuzu has been accused of partaking in at least two bombings of the Recovery Syndicate.